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WordPress is the most commonly used website builder across the internet. One of the reasons why it is such a great program to use for this purpose is that there are hundreds of plugins and third party apps that you can use to enhance your digital presence. From email promotion to lead magnets, there are plugins and tools for almost every feature. However, when you are using so many plugins to add different features to your site, keeping track of each one can become quite difficult.

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Fortunately, there is a tool that you can use to bring all of your other tools together in one place! These programs integrate your site with your CRM and let you use a singular platform to control all of your site functions. My website management experience was completely transformed when I learned about WP Fusion.

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As all stack products are a core part of my business, this article contains affiliate links

What is WP Fusion?

WP Fusion is a platform that integrates your WordPress website with your CRM and marketing automation program very tightly. You can then use tags to change website features. You do not need to have any coding experience or knowledge to make the tool work. EP Fusion lets you collect engagement data on the website level as well which is great for strategy development and modification in the future.

These are some of the best features that WP Fusion brings to the table:

Easy Installation

The plugin takes only a few clicks and a couple of minutes to install once you have made the purchase. The platform itself is extremely visual and intuitive. I did not need any extra help to set it up. In case you do run into issues, the customer support at WP Fusion is some of the best as well.

Integrations Galore

WP Fusion is able to completely integrate WordPress and over 100 different plugins and CRMs, including ActiveCampaign which is what I use for my websites. Other plugins it is compatible with include BuddyBoss, CartFlows, Elementor, and WooCommerce- just a few big names in a very long list. You do not need the help of a developer to set up these integrations or to maintain them. All of your content can be managed with tags.


Using the automation features, you can build targeted engagement campaigns to increase customer engagement and lead conversion. WP Fusion automation supports email, text messages, and a variety of other marketing channels.

Tracking Engagement

The tags in your CRM are applied based on how a user interacts with your website. This way, you can successfully track customer engagement and customise your subsequent approach based on this data. You can set up complex automation workflows as well.


The integration between your website and the CRM is extremely tight. All user data is collected and synchronised to fill in the missing pieces and keep all accounts synced up between sites.

WP Fusion Pricing

WP Fusion is available at three different pricing tiers based on your requirements:


The Personal plan costs $247 per year. It is able to support only one website. However, you do get access to unlimited tagging and synchronisation, over 102 different plugins, as well as support for over 50 different CRMs among other basic features.


The Plus tier costs $347 a year and adds a host of exclusive features. While this tier also supports one website, you get access to 6 exclusive Pro add ons to enhance marketing automation:

  • Abandoned cart tracking
  • Enhanced ecommerce
  • Media tools addon
  • Login redirects addon
  • Zapier addon
  • Event tracking addon


The professional tier also offers the same exclusive add ons and features as the Plus tier. The difference between the two is that the Professional plan supports an unlimited number of websites. It also costs $540 per year.

WP Fusion Lite

For those who are not ready to make a monetary commitment yet, WP Fusion also has a Lite version which is completely free to use and can be downloaded as a plugin at wordpress.org. It supports synchronisation with most well-known CRMs and marketing automation systems.

Lifetime Pricing

If you do not want to make annual payments, you have the option to make a lifetime purchase for the plugin. A single site will cost you $999, while a pack of 3 sites will cost you $1999.

Alternatives to WP Fusion

Following are a few alternative options that work similarly to WP Fusion:


FlowMattic is a plugin that can be used to automate workflows on WordPress websites. It connects all the different plugins and third party applications you are using and synchronises them similar to how WP Fusion works. While you get unlimited tasks and workflows with FlowMattic, there are definitely fewer integrations available which is why many prefer to use WP Fusion. Additionally, while it lets you add custom triggers, there is a lack of multi triggers.


AutomatorWP is another automation plugin that helps you connect your WordPress tools. It is free of cost and does not require any coding knowledge or experience to use. It is pretty simple compared to WP Fusion and FlowMattic, but it gets the basic job done. You can create automated workflows and add triggers. It offers limited integrations with some of the most popular WordPress tools and programs.

Why Should You Use WP Fusion?

When it comes to synchronisation plugins for WordPress websites, there really isn’t a better option than WP Fusion for you to choose- it is pretty unanimously considered to be the standard. It’s full of features that are well worth the cost and is extremely simple to understand and use. Even the free version of the program serves its purpose very well.


  • Incredibly easy to set up and use. You only need a few clicks to integrate and automate your tools.
  • A host of CRM and plugin integrations are available.
  • Endless potential for personalization, especially when it comes to automation of workflows.
  • Behaviour tracking data and analytics allow you to focus on improving engagement and conversion rates.
  • Customer support is top notch- super nice staff that is readily available in case you are facing any issues.


● The plans may feel a bit pricey considering there are free options available with the basic synchronisation features. ● WP Fusion offers a great degree of integrations but there is a possibility that a tool you are using is not supported.

How I Use WP Fusion

WP Fusion connects my membership site to other applications that I use. You will be able to connect your different tools together in their respecive menus. After a succesfull configuration, you will most likely find new menu items in the settings where you are able to set-up the integration to your

You can do a lot with WP Fusion but for now I use it mainly to:

  1. Sync all contacts in our CRM (WildMail) to our membership site. This includes all relevant segmentation data.
  2. Provide content protection based on contact tags. This makes it into a membership site.
  3. Integrate with BuddyBoss (our membership platform).
  4. Integrate with LearnDash (our online course provider).
  5. Connect with Ecommerce tools such as WooCommerce.
  6. Connect with Elementor to provide content protection on a page level (hide certain elements based on tags).
  7. Automatically create new contacts in CRM when forms are submitted.
  8. Connect with our Events Calendar tool to automatically update people of events or send date-based reminders.
  9. Connect with GamiPress (gamification) to award members with prizes or badges based on progression and trigger relevant automations from the CRM.

Read the WP Fusion documentation on all the pro integrations to find the tools you use at this moment and find out for yourself how powerfull this tool really is.

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