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Your digital marketing strategy is one of the most critical aspects of managing your business in the modern world. The internet and associated technologies allow you to access and engage new markets. Email marketing is one of the most commonly used methods of developing outreach and finding new leads for your business. However, the typical approach to email advertising is quickly becoming rather stale and ineffective. It doesn’t matter how many emails you send out if the recipients are deleting them before they get to the second line!

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In fact, this has become the reality for most online content. Over time, people’s expectations of the content they consume online have changed. You need to be able to engage your leads within the first few seconds of them arriving at your landing page. Visual and audio aids are a great way to grab a person’s attention. Personalizing such media significantly increases the chances of you retaining them! That is where tools like Bonjoro come in.

As all stack products are a core part of my business, this article contains affiliate links.

What is Bonjoro?

Bonjoro is a platform designed to enhance customer engagement and help businesses convert leads into clients. The main attraction point of Bonjoro is the customization it offers. It integrates with existing email marketing platforms and allows brands to send engaging videos to their customers to reel them in and make them stay. It is a great way to build a very customer-focused brand which, in my opinion, is the best approach to take when it comes to developing a business or entrepreneurship in the contemporary industry.

Connect with your Audience

Another thing I love about Bonjoro is that it is interactive- it actually allows the customers to reply to your Bonjoro. So it is less like a brand sending a marketing email to a potential customer and more like a brand representative talking to and helping out a customer with their issues and queries. This makes a huge difference in how the user perceives and interacts with your brand and services.

Here is an overview of some of the most pertinent features Bonjoro brings to the table:

Personalized Video Messaging

Of course, being a video messaging platform, this is Bonjoro’s main feature and I love them for it. But it truly is the best of its kind in the market right now. You can record videos from your mobile device or from your desktop quickly with just a single click. These video messages are can be sent to specific leads at crucial points in their customer journey. Your customers can respond directly and this is what drives engagement through the roof.

Send personalized video messages
Replies to your video messages, how cool!

Pre-recorded Video & Hosting

You may also pre-record certain videos (at the cost of further personalization) to be automatically sent to your audience as they pass through your marketing machine.

Create pre-recorded videos
Easy section to host your pre-recorded videos

Templates and Translations

The program has plenty of pre-made templates that you can use if you don’t have the time to make your own. They are very professional and well-designed which is why I have used them on occasion as well. Additionally, Bonjoro has really great language support. You can translate your video content in over 20 different languages on the spot. If your desired language is not on the list, you can send in a request for it to be added in 24 hours!

Create different templates
Bonjoro templates


Bonjoro allows you to collect text and video testimonials from your audience and create beautifull embeddable elements for your website. You are building a relationship based on trust and authenticity and people are generally very exited about this personal touch they are receiving. Ask for a review and thou shall recieve.

Testimonial wall
Embed a beautifull testimonial wall on your site!

Integrations & Workflows

You can connect Bonjoro to your other tools using their native integrations to the most common requirements. You can also set up workflows that automatically create Bonjoro tasks for you once events happen in the pipeline. This can be a sale, a lead entering a promotion, a sign-up for a leadmagnet, anything you want!

Bonjoro integrations
Native Bonjoro integrations

Team oriented

Bonjoro is great for team-based work environments which are very common in medium and large-scale businesses. You can set up team inboxes with select individuals to encourage communication and coordination within teams.

Create different workspaces
Bonjoro workspaces

Easy Setup

The program is super easy to set up and the dashboard is minimalistic which makes it easy to use. You can even add it as a Chrome extension for quick access.

Built-in Analytics

The platform comes with some built-in sales and marketing analytics to help you deduce which templates and Bonjoro templates work best. These serve to give you a better insight into the performance and impact of your video messages and allow you to quickly adapt if a certain template is not performing well.

Bonjoro Pricing

Bonjoro offers both free and paid versions of its platform. If you are a small startup, I would recommend to start with the Bonjoro free plan. You get up to 50 videos per month with unlimited text testimonials with one publishable.

On the other hand, if you are a growing brand looking to capture customers with customized messages and videos, the paid plans are definitely worth looking into. Bonjoro has pretty simple pricing plans and I have found them to be quite reasonable considering how useful the program actually is:

Starter Plan

The Starter plan costs you $19 per month and gives you access to features like custom branding, upto 25 video testimonials with 2 publishable, as well as Call-to-Action buttons on your videos for immediate engagement.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan charges you $33 per month for an unlimited amount of video messages with 250 video testimonials and 3 testimonial publishables. You also get the additional ability to schedule your videos, which is important for large businesses.

Grrrowth Plan

This is the most expensive Bonjoro plan at $69 per month and gives you access to even more features for better control at a larger scale. For example, this plan lets you make and send group video messages, set up your own custom domain, along with 10 testimonial publishables.

Each successive plan increases the limits on the features you are offered- more templates, more assets, more workflows, more cloud storage, etc. With any paid plan, you get a 14-day free trial. So if you just want to give it a test run before you commit to paying for it, go ahead!

Bonjoro also supports team-based plans. For example, you can get a Company plan for $399 per month that supports 50 team members with unlimited features.

You can start with Bonjoro for free to deduce how you can implement this tool into your own business.

Alternatives to Bonjoro

If you would prefer to use an alternative, here are a few good options that are similar to Bonjoro:


Dubb is another popular video messaging platform. You can record, share, and then track your personalized video messages as you send them to customers as emails as well as SMS. The great thing about Dubb is that it can integrate with tools that you are probably already using like Chrome, Gmail, and ActiveCampaign, a tool I use for my mailing strategy. Compared to Bonjoro, Dubb definitely offers more integrations with relevant tools. However, I feel it is a less intuitive and efficient platform and tends to lean towards the more expensive side.


If you are looking for a cheaper option for your video messaging campaign that does not compromise too much on the quantity and quality of features you get, I would recommend Loom. In fact, even the free version of the program might suffice based on what your individual needs are. Aside from affordability, Loom’s main attractor is speed- it is probably one of the fastest video recording and processing platforms in the world of digital marketing. Setting up the program is super easy as well. You can download it or just add it as a Chrome extension for quick access. The biggest downside is that, unlike Bonjoro, Loom does not offer integrations with third party applications.

Why Should You Use Bonjoro?

All in all, Bonjoro has become a critical staple when it comes to building engagement on and for my website. It is an invaluable tool


  • Super easy to set up and use.
  • Being able to add a personal touch to videos helps to immediately interest the customer and convince them to interact with the website/application.
  • You can use the platform to record new videos or upload your own videos.
  • Detailed previews give you an idea of what your message looks like before you send it to a lead.
  • Intuitive platform that gets easier to use the more you use it.
  • Compared to most other email marketing and video hosting platforms, the customer support is very engaging and helpful.


  • The pricing plans are a bit rigid in terms of what features they offer. I think there should be a bit more flexibility on which features a user can access. Custom plans would be pretty great.
  • You may run into some technical issues on occasion. But, in my experience, they resolve pretty quickly. Customer support is helpful if your issues do persist.

How I Use Bonjoro

Bonjoro is all about standing out to your audience and starting a conversation with your leads at the right time. I use it to personally send a welcome message to all new leads that opt-in to any of my leadmagnets on the top of the funnel. Whenever someone subscribes to my mailing list, a Bonjoro task is automatically created for me and I get send a push notification on my mobile device.

After they opt in, they get redirected to a special thank you page where a Rightmessage survey is embedded. On this page, I ask a few questions relating to their goals, objectives, struggles and a few other topics. This segments my audience and when the Bonjoro notification appears on my mobile device, the segmented data on that particular lead is already saved to custom fields in my CRM (WildMail).

Sending my audience a personalized message where I make use of segmentation data is invaluable to me. I can mention their goals and the fact that we can assist them in overcoming those specfic struggles in a certain way. I try to do this in the few hours after they opt in since we’re still sort of top of mind.

Another way to use it is to personally thank clients who purchase your product or membership and make them feel welcome and appreciated. We welcome them after the first opt-in (audience becomes a lead) and welcome/thank them via video once more if they become a member. We then also immediately invite them to the first live session that we have coming up (we do those every month). Again, it’s the human touch that we’re going after. We are trying to build relationships with our customers as we’re a membership/community platform.

You could also automate your pitches or promotions via WildMail, implement a Bonjoro task whenever people are at a certain stage in your pitch funnel, and send them a personalized video message where you blow them away with your efforts. Don’t worry, you can pre-record that pitch so you don’t have to record a pitch for everyone. All of this is automated and you’ll get notified almost instantly.

There are literally tons of ways you can deploy a tool like Bonjoro to establish loyalty and trust in the relationship between your customers and your company and brand. Your engagement and response rate will increase dramatically and the people who actually open and watch your messages are bound to love them. They’ll appreciate the personal attention they receive.

I hope you catch my drift at this point. This is some next-level brand building sh*t that provides you with immense power to connect with your audience. Send your visitors a personalized video message and let me know how they respond!

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