WildMail Breakdown

Behind WildMail is a company called WildAudience - which is a Europe-based reseller of ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing tool that offers innovative features to automate and personalize your business while generating revenue.

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Email marketing is an efficient and cost-effective way of engaging with your customers. However, as consumerism is growing, market competition is drastically increasing. Every product has hundreds of alternatives, making it extremely difficult to stand out and get recognized. Without carefully curated marketing campaigns and advertisements, it is nearly impossible to gain a firm footing in the cut-throat world of business (also depending on your product and/or offer).

As all stack products are a core part of my business, this article contains affiliate links

Today, email marketing is used by companies worldwide to promote their products and automate their workflows. There are over 4 billion daily email users, giving you leverage to increase your brand awareness and reach a large number of people without additional effort. According to Litmus, for every dollar spent on email marketing, a company generates a whopping average revenue of $36.

What is WildMail?

WildMail is ActiveCampaign but with amazing extras. ActiveCampaign itself already offers an array of functions, the platform takes care of all my marketing requirements with powerful automations, from generating leads to handling sales, allowing me to focus my energies elsewhere. Let’s break down ActiveCampaign into core components and add additional benefits/bonuses that WildMail brings to the table.

ActiveCampaign Features
ActiveCampaign Features

What makes WildMail unqiue is the fact that they are based in Europe, might still be considered an early stage-startup, offer great customer service and the fact that they build and include products and services that ActiveCampaign doesn’t: WildMetrics and Relationship Funnels.

Personalized email marketing

The platform offers effective and personalized email marketing that allows you to build a direct relationship with your customer. Through targeted campaigns and list segmentation, ActiveCampaign allows you to further segment your audience into buckets based on gender, location, preferences, interests and much more via certain custom fields that you can set up. These custom fields are particulary powerfull as they provide you with limitless possibilities in terms of customization and automation! The sky is the limit! ensures that every lead gets a personalized experience (if you set it up properly), giving them precisely what they are looking for at the right time. You can design newsletters and promotional campaigns that drive engagement when peak interest is reached and leads are considered to be ‘hot’.

ActiveCampaign allows you to further segment your audience into buckets based on gender, location, preferences, interests and much more via certain custom fields that you can set up. These custom fields are particulary powerfull as they provide you with limitless possibilities in terms of customization and automation! The sky is the limit!

Automated automations!

The magnificent automations that you can build with ActiveCampaign are the bread and butter of their product. Build custom email funnels for your business and clients based on endless posibilities. Start with your onboarding process and leadmagnet delivery and progress to an evergreen newsletter. Create your own engangement tracking system, implement lead segmentation and build personalized sales funnels that trigger only when people are at the correct stage of their customer journey or show interest in some aspect of your product or services.

You can literally go crazy with automations. The sky is the limit. But beware, when you try to automate too much, things could get complex rather quickly. And after you have implemented your systems and people are going through the pipelines, going back is a lot harder to do! Try to map out and discuss your funnels beforehand, similar to how you would design and sketch a website layout before actually making the website. It will save you time and provide you with the required focus.

I’ve totally automated most of my business workflows, fuzing ActiveCampaign with all other required tools with something like WP Fusion. On this page I break down what WP Fusion is.

ActiveCampaign Automations
Automation Builder

While hundreds of service providers claim to be the “best” email marketing platforms, only a handful deliver on their promises. I now happily use WildMail (switched from ActiveCampaign) for all my email marketing needs.

WildMail recognized and seized opportunities in which ActiveCampaign was lacking. WildMail has built high-quality additional features that ActiveCampaign doesn’t offer such as completely free courses (Relationship Funnels) and their improved analytics dashboard (WildMetrics). Everything they do reflects that they care about their customers and want to build relationships with them (hence the name). This approach and ideology, combined with the outstanding customer service, made me migrate to this Europe-based ActiveCampaign reseller.


ActiveCampaign also offers customer relationship management that administers interactions with the audience, allowing you to improve the business-customer experience. It keeps the contact-data organized and derives key insights from the trends to identify bottlenecks and problematic areas. Hence, giving you the perfect opportunity to revamp your marketing strategies to fit the user needs.

Messaging and live chat

Offering a personalized experience to the customers develops a relationship of trust, allowing them to believe you’re easily accessible. This trust improves brand loyalty and customer satisfaction scores. ActiveCampaign itself has a great live chat feature called Conversations that can answer queries and help the audience understand your product better. You would be able to deploy their chat bot on your website and anyone who leaves a message will be automatically added to your CRM, the message recorded, and you’ll be notified of a new lead. Normally I would use yet another third-party tool for this functionality.

ActiveCampaign/WildMail Conversations Chatbot Functionality
Conversations backend, bye bye additional software.

Qualified leads

Lastly, ActiveCampaign follows an “automation-first” approach for sales engagement. It analyses customer data to develop marketing strategies, sending out alerts at times that would yield the most result. Through lead scoring, site tracking, and pipeline automation, the platform provides innovative and precise email marketing strategies for promoting sales and generating revenue.

You would set up a point system and track visits to certain (sales) pages and act according to automated rules that trigger when contacts are highly engaged with your content or visited your sales page x-times. Again, it takes time to set everything up properly but it is well worth the effort (and you can start small)!

Okay, now let’s talk about what makes WildMail stand out from the standard ActiveCampaign functionality.

BONUS: WildMetrics

Personally, I found the analytics provided by ActiveCampaign lacking and frustrating. This is exactly where WildMetrics comes in. It is your custom analytics dashboard for ActiveCampaign showing you exactly how your marketing machine is performing. NOTE: At the moment, WildMetrics is not accepting new accounts and they’re focusing on the Spanish version of the product.

You sync your account, implement your customer segments, define your funnels via tags or automations and view convertions and events such as new subscribers, email opens and other interactions in real-time. I’m sure they will help you with the set-up and configuration via a free call if you need assitance.

WildMetrics Dashboard by WildAudience
WildMetrics Dashboard

I love this product/feature and it is exactly delivering on where ActiveCampaign is failing. This makes it easier to narrow down how and where to improve your funnel design and adjust copy if required. Easy visualization of performance.

BONUS: Relationship Funnels

WildAudience (the company behind WildMail and WildMetrics) uses BuddyBoss to host their own learning environment (just like me with Cryptocommunity). In case you are feeling overwhelmed with all the options, this is where they teach you all the basics, from outlining the strategies, requirements and funnels themselves, to actual implementation. Here, they also offer a free course about building a relation with your audience, how you can optimize your funnels and about writing effective copy. You’ll not receive something like this elsewhere. Adding tons of additional value with a dedicated focus on their customers.

Relationship Funnel Courses Dashboard
WildAudience Course Dashboard

WildMail pricing

WildMail provides three payment plans that you can select according to your requirements. You can also customize them according to the number of contacts and choose whether you want to be billed annually or monthly. For 10,000 contacts, the plans range from €112/month to €250/month for Lite and Professional, respectivelyFor small and personal businesses, I recommend the Lite version to start out with. If your business is just starting (up to 1000 contacts) you’ll pay €22/month for the Lite plan.

Alternatives to WildMail

Apart from WildMail, there are several other email marketing tools that you can use. MailChimp is a popular alternative that I’ve tried personally back in the days.

WildMail Mailchimp
Tons of features, might be intimidating. User-friendly, very easy to use
Almost everything is customizable to suit your business model. Basic customizations
Advance automation with CRM. Automations based on customer-journey, A/B testing
Free plan is not available Free plan available
Great Customer Support (still a start-up)! Not so great, huge company
WildMetrics Poor analytics included
Relationship Funnels, their own 15 bonus courses.course about email marketing NA

Why should you use WildMail?

Overall, WildMail is a great tool to integrate with your business. The tool ensures that your leads can convert into customers through its advanced features and email marketing strategies that you can build and automate yourself. WildMail comes packed with several stand-out features that will free up a lot of your time, enables hyper-personalization if you want it, has the potential to drive up your profits while helping you improve your business model via automation at the same time. I love WildMail and couldn’t do without them at this time.

ActiveCampaign/WildMail Pros

  • All the juicy stuff from ActiveCampaign
  • WildMail throws in WildMetrics & Relationship Funnels
  • Great customer service from WildMail
  • Advanced automation features & integrations
  • Insane levels of customization
  • Plans start as low as $9
  • Mainstream software, very easy to integrate with third-party applications
  • High-quality automation and email templates

ActiveCampaign/WildMail Cons

  • Might be intimidating for beginners, but you can start small
  • High levels of customization can make it too complex
  • No free plan
  • Reporting is trash (but now we got WildMetrics!)
  • I did not like ActiveCampaign support (but WildMail is amazing)

How I use WildMail

WildMail handles nearly everything you can imagine. Here are some of the things I use WildMail for which are a core part of my business:

  • Lead information obtained from other tools such as TimerCampaign and RightMessage are stored in custom fields for use in personalization.
  • WP Fusion is the WordPress plugin that seamlessly connects ActiveCampaign/WildMail to my WordPress sites.
  • I automatically send any leads their requested leadmagnets automatically by using personalized automations.
  • I track engagement via custom fields and automated rules to add or subtract points.
  • I create special touch points during the customer journey where I send personalized video messages to my leads using Bonjoro
  • I use automations to create a content journey and implement rules and conditions to make sure contacts get to experience the right piece of content at the right time.
  • I maintain an automated evergreen newsletter.
  • After leadmagnets are delivered, contacts automatically enter a personalized onboarding campaign based on their custom fields (segmentation).
  • At certain moments, I pitch one of my products. This might be every x-weeks or x-months or could be linked to customer engagement.
  • If no native integration or automation is possible, I use a tool like Make to create a specialized scenario to achieve the desired goal.

Read more about the different tools that I use on my Stack page. There are tons of other possibilities, so get out there and go see for yourself!

I literally want to automate everything but it all takes quite some effort to set-up and manage, especially if you are by yourself. However, there are over 125 carefully curated and tested templates that you can use. This potentially saves you a lot of time since you might not want to spend hours designing something from scratch while you have options that work for you straight out of the box!

You’ll also receive access to Relationship Funnels and WildMetrics with the free trial!

Got questions or would like some assistance? Feel free to send me a message! Thanks for reading and have fun trying out WildMail!

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