Over the past years I followed many courses. Some for fun, others for professional development.

Professional Certificates

Data Science

A program offered by HarvardX, in collaboration with edX.

2023 PH125.9x: Data Science: Capstone
2023 PH125.8x: Data Science: Machine Learning
2022 PH125.7x: Data Science: Linear Regression
2022 PH125.6x: Data Science: Wrangling
2022 PH125.5x: Data Science: Productivity Tools
2022 PH125.4x: Data Science: Inference and Modeling
2020 PH125.3x: Data Science: Probability
2020 PH125.2x: Data Science: Visualization
2019 PH125.1x: Data Science: R Basics

Blockchain Fundamentals

A program offered by BerkeleyX, in collaboration with edX.

2021 CS198.1x: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
2021 CS198.2x: Blockchain Technology


A course of study offered by HKUx, an online learning initiative of The University of Hong Kong.

2019 HKU09x: FinTech Ethics and Risks
2019 HKU10x: Blockchain and FinTech
2019  HKU08x: Introduction to FinTech

Blockchain for Business

A program offered by The Linux Foundation, in collaboration with edX.

2018 LFS170x: Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications
2019  LFS171x: Blockchain for Business - An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies

Other Certificates

Harvard University

A course of study offered by HarvardX, an online learning initiative of Harvard University.

2019 SPU29x: The Climate-Energy Challenge

Delft University of Technology

A course of study offered by DelftX, an online learning initiative of Delft University of Technology.

2019 CircularX: Circular Economy - an Introduction
2018 NGIx: The Next Generation of Infrastructure
2017 GEO101x: Geoscience: the Earth and its Resources
2017 BwN101x: Building With Nature


2023 ActiveCampaign Level 1 Fundamentals Assessment